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Ashokan Reservoir View

Shokan, NY — December 13, 2015


10 Responses to Shokan, NY — December 13, 2015

  1. Joyce says:

    So beautiful!

  2. Craig B. says:

    Unifying India – no easy task!

  3. claudia says:

    Lovely! As was the caption, as well. I spent many summers in the Catskills growing up. Brings back pleasant memories…

  4. Samantha Wallace says:

    So beautiful – worth a visit!

  5. barbara DIckins says:

    The picture of serenity in nature.

  6. Obaachan says:

    The colors are lovely in this beautiful picture!

  7. Craig B. says:

    Ashokan Farewell

    Tune by Jay Ungar; lyrics by Grian MacGregor

    The sun is sinking low in the sky above Ashokan,
    The pines and the willows know soon we will part.
    There’s a whisper in the wind of promises unspoken,
    And a love that will always remain in my heart.

    My thoughts will return to the sound of your laughter,
    The magic of moving as one.
    And a time we’ll remember long ever after
    The music and moonlight and dancing are done.

    Will we climb the hills once more?
    Will we walk the woods together?
    Will I feel you holding me close once again?
    Will every song we’ve sung stay with us forever?
    Will you dance in my dreams or my arms until then?

    Under the moon the mountains lie sleeping,
    Over the lake the stars shine.
    They wonder if you and I will be keeping,
    The magic and music, or leave them behind.

  8. Craig B. says:

    The Ashokan Reservoir (Native American for place of fish) is a reservoir in Ulster County, New York.

    • Sam says:

      Oops – wishful thinking I thought it was an INDIAN name not a native american name :) Nice song! Lovely place!

On a drive home from the Catskills, we stopped at a large beautiful reservoir crossed by a thin bridge. I was happy to see it was named “Ashokan” after the great Buddhist ruler who united India. (Photograph taken in September 2015)

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