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Hana, 5 Months Old

Jackson Heights, NY — November 14, 2015


10 Responses to Jackson Heights, NY — November 14, 2015

  1. Lynda says:

    She certainly is cute and cuddly !!
    She is beautiful just like her big sister

  2. Aunt Celeste says:

    Oh, wow! Don’t you know I am the proudest great aunt ever? And that includes Karina and Tyler too. :-) Hana is not only a cuddle bug, but that elephant is surely getting a workout between Karina and Hana. XXOO

  3. Rupi Sandhu says:

    So adorable. This one should be framed!!!!

  4. claudia says:

    so precious!

  5. arthur says:

    Gteat face; Great photo

  6. Samantha Wallace says:

    Love ADORABLE!!!! You must want to cuddle her all the time. LOVE to both your sweet girls. Well done, Dad!

  7. Ruth says:


  8. MARY ANN ROMER says:

    love her. she is beautiful!

  9. Sallie Nelson says:

    What a fabulous picture with an incredible smile. Hana’s personality really shows through.I think she is headed for a career in modeling.

Last weekend I finally had a chance to take formal portraits of my youngest! When I was home alone with Hana I spent an hour making a fun series of portraits. This is my favorite. Hana looks so cute and cuddly doesn’t she?

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